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“Women Without Walls has always represented healing and freedom to me.  Through the years God has used the women of this ministry to minister to me through worship, teaching and prayer.  
Through these godly women and the anointing of Women Without Walls, our Heavenly Father has always shown Himself to me up close and personal, especially during the seasons I have hit bumps in the road and have faltered.  
I am thankful for the obedience and anointing that God has given this ministry and I pray that Women Without Walls continues to flourish under the leading of the Holy Spirit for many, many years (or until He comes back).
Thank you WWW.”
- JL

About Us


As a fine craftsman weaves together threads of fabulous and diverse colors and textures to create a tapestry of unique value and specific purpose, so too has the Lord woven together the hearts of four women hailing from various ethnic and Christian denominational backgrounds in order to create a new ministry to fulfill His ordained purpose.

At different times throughout the past decade, the Holy Spirit moved upon the hearts of these four virtual strangers, drawing them each to a deeper understanding of the need to repent of denominationalism and racism in their own hearts. Cathy Marshall, Judge Cheryl Allen, Becky Bannon and Deborah Lesko — all individually came to recognize that denominationalism and racism were tools of satan used to divide the body of Christ in an attempt to deem it ineffective.

In ways that only God can orchestrate, He divinely brought together these four leaders with different giftings of the Holy Spirit specifically for the birthing of the ministry of Women Without Walls — a ministry proclaiming His message of reconciliation in the body of Christ.

Through the ministry of Women Without Walls, God brings forth His purposes as personal agendas and prejudices are set aside and focus is rightfully returned to Jesus Christ and the leading of His Holy Spirit. The time draws short for the Lord’s return for His spotless Bride. He returns not for any one particular ethnic group nor Christian denomination, but for a unified Body. Although we may worship at different churches, and although we may have different ethnic backgrounds, we are One in Christ. After all, the common bond weaving His spotless Bride together is the scarlet thread of Jesus Christ and His atoning blood.

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